Large law firms often require their employees to meet billable hour requirements.  While it is important to make a profit, this can often interfere with effective representation of client interests.  Since leaving the big firm aspect of Washington DC, I have been better able to truly focus on the client's needs, and not on the firm's.  I try hard to tailor my approach for each case to maximize achieving their goals and still provide quality legal representation.

Please understand that representing businesses and individuals in front of the federal government creates special challenges.  As such, I DO NOT OFFER CONTINGENCY FEE REPRESENTATION to Federal Sector employees.  However, I do offer significant rate savings compared to the DC firms.  In those firms, attorneys with over 20 years experience typically bill out at a rate of $350/hour - or more.  I am proud to be able to offer the same quality of service I did while at a large law firm in DC, but at a huge cost savings to the client.  Simply put:


Comprehensive Legal Support

I have practiced law for over twenty years as a litigator in numerous settings, both Federal and State Courts, and Administrative Boards in front of the Federal Government.  I have tried numerous cases in front of juries and Administrative Judges.  I know how the Federal Government works, and offer innovative solutions tailored to my clients' needs, and I significantly undercut the large law firms operating in DC and elsewhere.  I am licensed to practice law in Alabama, but also in front of the Federal Government throughout the nation - and have done so for the past several years.  In the past I have handled cases from New York to California, and parts in between.  As a member of the Regus Network of Offices, I have access to office space in all major metropolitan areas.  I do not charge for travel to the DC area.

In 2007, after over 15 years of practice, I gave up my firm to return to Active Military Duty and serve my country in Afghanistan.  What was supposed to be a 6 month deployment stretched into 4 years on Active Duty, including two tours in Afghanistan, and tours with CENTCOM and NATO HQ.

After my last deployment to Afghanistan, I returned to private law practice, working for a Washington DC law firm that focused primarily on representing Federal Government employees in a variety of areas, including EEO, MSPB, Security Clearances, and in front of the Office of Special Counsel.  While a great experience, I found that working for a large law firm often creates tensions between the clients and the firm that are unnecessary.



Personal Solutions

Large law firms create undo pressure on their attorneys to reach billable hour goals.  I started this practice after leaving a large DC firm so I could focus more on clients than just on money.

I offer services at significant discounts compared to Washington, DC rates.  I do not charge for travel to DC.

What I Offer

I am committed to providing you with top notch legal support. I approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. I fight for you!


If you are facing a problem in front of the federal government, whether for your employment or with your contract, you need someone with experience and dedication on your side - not merely someone with a billable hour goal.

I offer high-quality legal work and personal client service.

About Me

An interview with the AP on the arrest of Osama Bin Laden's Son-in-Law.

This is an international network television interview broadcast worldwide where I discuss the reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan and my views on what might happen in the future.

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At Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

I should point out that I do not normally wear body armor or carry an M-16 into litigation for my clients - absent litigation disputes with the Taliban or Al Qaeda.  But I do promise to fight for my clients with all legal methods at my disposal!

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