Military Law

I am a retired Navy Captain (O-6) who is very proud to have been allowed to serve my country for 30 years.  In 2007, I left my law practice to return to Active Duty; what was supposed to me 6 months turned into 4 years, including two tours in Afghanistan.

I am extremely proud to represent veterans and active military members in a variety of situations.  Veterans often find themselves shut out of benefits because of "bad paper" in their records.  Appeals to the various Boards of Correction or discharge review boards require an understanding of military law and military regulations.  I have represented numerous individuals in front of such boards and am proud of successes in this area.  I also represent service members facing unwanted discharge, i.e. Admin Discharge Boards, or "Show Cause" boards.  

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Security Clearances

Getting and maintaining a security clearance in the Federal Government is not a right.  Only those with utmost dedication to the nation, and with impeccable ethical standards are entitled to be granted a clearance.  But often such individuals find themselves denied a clearance for a variety of reasons.  Whether it is responding to a "Statement of Reasons" or going to a hearing in front of an Administrative Judge, I have had extensive experience helping individuals, whether contractors or employees.  Call me for an initial free consultation; I offer significant savings over large Washington DC firms (where I once practiced) and do not charge for travel to the DC area.

Whistle Blower

Federal Employees often find themselves in serious situations where they witness wrongdoing - either on the part of other government officials or contractors.  As officers who have sworn fidelity to the United States Constitution, you have a duty to report such conduct.  Unfortunately, some do not care for such whistleblowers, and they often find themselves the target of reprisal.  You don't have to put up with that!  I am proud to have represented whistleblowers in a variety of circumstances; such clients of mine have always been the ones who have inspired me the most!  I offer one piece of free legal advice to all: TALK TO A LAWYER FIRST!  You need to understand the issues and problems associated with whistle blowers.  You have rights.  But going to the Office of Special Counsel requires diligence and legal experience.  But . . . 


If you are facing a serious disciplinary matter, including 14 day suspension, termination, or other similar action, you need to be prepared for a tough legal fight in front of the Merit Systems Protection Board.  You need serious legal representation from a dedicated professional - not merely someone concerned with meeting their billable hour requirement.

I have over 20 years legal experience litigating employment matters in a variety of settings, including extensive MSPB cases.  I represent federal government employees during investigations, responding to notice of proposed discilinary actions, and appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Boards.  I offer significant savings advantages to the major Washington DC firms, and do not charge for travel to the DC area.

Federal EEO

If you are a federal government employee who is being subjected to discrimination, (whether on the basis of race, national origin, sex, religion, disability, or retaliation) you need legal help from the beginning of the process.  I have over 20 years legal experience representing employees in EEO matters, and for the past several years, I have focused exclusively on Federal Government employees.  This includes representing clients in all stages of an EEO complaint, from the informal counseling process, the formal investigation stage, all the way to hearings in front of an Administrative Judge and appeals to the EEOC's Office of federal Operations.  I offer significant savings advantages to the major Washington DC firms, and do not charge for travel to the DC area.  


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Contract Appeals

Small government contractors often find themselves the victim of overzealous contracting officers, and often feel that they have no avenues of appeal as large law firms are simply too expensive to handle these matters.

I offer services to small government contractors (Net Worth < $7 million) in appeals before the Board of Contract Appeals and Armed Forces Board of Contract Appeals.  In such situations, where the government's position has no substantial justification, small contractors can be reimbursed for their attorney fees.  As such, I offer services at significantly reduced hourly rates than typical Washington DC firms.  This makes such appeals economically cost effective.  I also do not charge for travel to the DC area.  So. . .